The Asia Pacific Intensive Care Symposium (APICS) 2023 is happening over 2.5 days in Singapore, with pre-conference workshops on 17-18 August, main conference 18-20 August, starting on Friday afternoon through Sunday.  There will be parallel symposium tracks, plenary sessions, in-conference mini workshops, abstract presentations, trade exhibits and symposiums.

We promise an experiential time in APICS 2023, with the inaugural APICS SimWars and virtual reality room challenges, together with many other participant engagement activities.  We are also featuring a full Pediatrics track over the weekend.  Keeping with our goals, we will continue to provide a spotlight on global issues facing ICUs, including Low/Low-Middle Income Countries in the Asia Pacific region and worldwide.

APICS 2023 provides a fantastic opportunity to learn from renowned speakers, locally and internationally covering a diverse range of Critical Care topics, as well as the exchange of ideas and network with others in similar fields.

We invite you and your colleagues to join us for a memorable experience at APICS 2023!

18 August 2023, Friday – Pre-Conference

0800-1300 Workshops

18 August 2023, Friday – Day 0

1300 – 1400 Conference Registration
Level 3, Room 331 Level 3, Room 332 Level 3, Room 334
1400 – 1530 Session: Fluids, AKI, CRRT Session: Sepsis [By Invitation Only]
Asia Pacific ICU Societies Summit
Best Fluids Practices
Prof. Simon Finfer (Australia)
Candida Molecular Diagnostics in the ICU: Why are we Waiting?
Dr. Tan Thean Yen (Singapore)
Education and Quality Improvement – Challenges and Opportunities for Collaboration
Renal Function and Acute Kidney Injury After Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest: A Post Hoc Study of the TAME Trial
Dr. Glenn Eastwood (Australia)
AMR – Getting the Most Out of our Current Agents
Dr. Andrea Kwa (Singapore)
CRRT Ultrafiltration Intensity
Dr. Emily See (Australia)
Vitamin C in Sepsis, More Questions than Answers
Prof. Andrew Udy (Australia)
1530 – 1700 Session: Respiratory Critical Care Session: APSA
Sleep and Ventilator-Induced Lung Injury
Dr. Elizabeth Wilcox (Canada)
APSA Members Presentations
(Asia Pacific Sepsis Alliance)
ARDS – Time to Update Definition?
Prof. Pan Chun (China)
Managing Pulmonary Hypertension in the ICU
Dr. Inderjit Singh (United States)

19 August 2023, Saturday – Day 1

Esplanade Hall – 406CX
0800 – 0820 Opening Address (ANZICS / SICM President)
0820 – 0840 Opening Ceremony Performance 
0840 – 0900 Opening Address by Guest of Honour 
A/Prof Kenneth Mak, Director-General of Health (Singapore)
0900 – 0930 Tea Break / Exhibition / Poster Viewing / Oral Abstract Presentations APAC Leaders Presentations
Esplanade Hall – 406CX Changi Hall – 406D Orchard Hall – 405B Sentosa Hall – 404A
0930 – 1100 Session: Sedation, Analgesia and Delirium / PADIS / A-F Bundle Session: Medical Informatics and Artificial Intelligence in the ICU Session: Geriatrics and Palliation in the ICU Session: Conversations in Paediatric Critical Care
The ICU Environment – What is Important to Patients and Family Members
Prof. Sangeeta Mehta (Canada)
Tele NIV and Automated Code Blue
Dr. Faheem Ahmed Khan (Singapore)
Integrating Geriatric Models of Care in the ICU to Improve Outcomes
Dr. Lauren Ferrante (United States)
Clinical Event Debriefing: Matching Intention and Impact
Prof. Walter Eppich (Ireland)
Sleep Fragmentation and Delirium in the ICU
Dr. Elizabeth Wilcox (Canada)
Monitoring and Predicting Hemodynamics Within and Outside of the ICU
Dr. Ashish Khanna (United States)
Palliative Discharge Workflow
Ms. Toh Wen Ya (Singapore)
Mentoring Leaders in the ICU
Prof. Vinay Nadkarni (United States)
How to Implement the ABCDEF Bundle and Philosophy into Practice
Dr. Wes Ely (United States)
Practical Considerations of Implementing Digital Health and AI Technologies
Dr. Michael Pfeffer (United States)
Dr. Alex Psirides (New Zealand) Incorporating Personal and Patient Stories in the PICU
Dr. Briseida Mema (Canada)
1100 – 1230 Session: Education and Well-Being in the ICU Session: Hemodynamics / Cardiology in the ICU Session: ICU Organisation Session: Looking After the Lungs in PICU
Impact of COVID-19 on Healthcare Professionals
Prof. Sangeeta Mehta (Canada)
Patient Selection and Best Practices of PA Catheter Monitoring
Dr. Inderjit Singh (United States)
Strategies for Delivering and Monitoring Oxygen Therapy with Limited Resources
Dr. Sky Vanderburg (United States)
Looking After Kids with Prolonged Mechanical Ventilation
Dr. Atsushi Kawaguchi (Japan)
Team Coaching in Critical Care: Driving Performance Improvement
Prof. Walter Eppich (Ireland)
Invasive Haemodynamic Monitoring in Shock States: When and How?
Prof. Jean-Louis Teboul (France)
ICU Strain, its Impacts, How & Why to Measure it?
Prof. David Pilcher (Australia)
PARDS 2.0  in Resource Limited Settings
Dr. Mohammod Jobayer Chisti (Bangladesh)
Making Learning Fun: Using Serious Games in the ICU
Dr. Traci Ann Wolbrink (United States)
Mechanical Circulatory Devices
Dr. Martin Zammert (United States)
Resource Allocation During Times of Increased Demand
Prof. Hayley Gershengorn (United States)
Safe Extubation Practices in the PICU
Ms. Tan Herng Lee (Singapore)
1230 – 1315 Satelite Symposium – B Braun @ 406D Satelite Symposium – Pfizer @ 405B APAC Leaders Presentations
1315 – 1330 Exhibition / Poster Viewing
1330 – 1500 Session: Simulation Challenge Session: Neurocritical Care Session: Nutrition Session: Fluids and the Kidney in the PICU
There is No Such Thing as Mild, Moderate or Severe TBI
Prof. Andrew Udy (Australia)
Muscle Protein Synthesis Following Protein Administration in Critical Illness
A/Prof. Lee-Anne Chapple (Australia)
Measuring Fluid Accumulation and Oedema in Children in Intensive Care
Dr. Ben Gelbart (Australia)
Severe TBI Management – Should I Still Monitor the ICP?
A/Prof. Kwek Tong Kiat (Singapore)
Protein Requirements in Critical Illness
Dr. Zheng-Yii Lee (Malaysia)
Peritoneal Dialysis in Post-Operative Cardiac Care
Dr. Siva Namachivayam (Australia)
Determination of Brain Death
Dr. Jeff Singh (Canada)
Microbiome / Probiotics in the ICU
A/Prof. Ed Litton (Australia)
Establishing Renal Replacement Therapy Programmes Around SE Asia
Prof. Yap Hui Kim (Singapore)
1500 – 1545 Meet the Expert – QIAGEN @ 406D Meet the Expert – BioMerieux @ 405B APAC Leaders Presentations
Esplanade Hall – 406CX
1545 – 1615 Plenary 1:  Assessment of Fluid Responsiveness: Where Are We Today?
Prof. Jean-Louis Teboul (France)
1615 – 1645 Plenary 2: Reclaiming What COVID Took: Using Humanism & Science
Dr. Wes Ely (United States)
1645 – 1715 Plenary 3: Precision CPR or the Future of CPR
Prof. Vinay Nadkarni (United States)
1715 – 1815 Welcome Reception (Exhibition Hall)

20 August 2023, Sunday – Day 2

0700 – 0800 APICS Pacemakers Walk/Run 2023
Esplanade Hall – 406CX Changi Hall – 406D Orchard Hall – 405B Sentosa Hall – 404A
0915 – 1045 Session: Trauma Session: Extracorporeal Life Support Session: Developments of NCC in Asia Oceania Countries by Neurocritical Care Society (NCS) Session: Specialised Populations in the PICU
High Performance in Emergency Airway Management: Learning from Complex Environments
Dr. John Glasheen (Australia)
Dr. Matthew Edward Cove (Singapore)
Managing Adult Congenital Heart Disease in the PICU
Dr. Soo Kok Wai (Malaysia)
PATCH/TXA in Prehospital Settings
Prof. Stephen Bernard (Australia)
Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation and Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Cardiopulmonary Resusciation (ECPR) Research Priorities
Prof. Carol Hodgson (Australia)
Managing the Hypoxic Oncology Patient in the PICU
Adj A/Prof. Koh Pei Lin (Singapore)
Mass Casualty in Ukraine
Dr. Maskym M. Pylypenko (Ukarine)
E-CPR Updates
Dr. Ram Ramanathan (Singapore)
Acute Liver Failure in PICU
Prof. Satoshi Nakagawa (Japan)
1045 – 1100 Tea Break / Exhibition / Poster Viewing / Oral Abstract Presentations
1100 – 1230 Session: Ethical Challenges and Communication in the ICU Session: Post ICU Session: Rapid Response System Session: Paediatric Critical Care – The Chronic Patient
The Ethics of Declining Requests for Treatment
Dr. Steve Philpot (Australia)
Long-Term Functional Recovery After Critical Illness in Older Adults
Dr. Lauren Ferrante (United States)
Dr. Daryl Jones (Australia) PICU Survivors – How Do We Look After Them and Their Family
A/Prof. Debbie Long (Australia)
Communicating Death with Patients’ Families in ICU
Dr. Wong Wai Tat (Hong Kong)
Who Will Be a Suitable Candidate for Chronic Ventilation?
Dr. Chan Yeow (Singapore)
Dr. Alex Psirides (New Zealand) Transitioning Kids with Complex Needs to Home
Dr. Cristelle Chow (Singapore)
What Roles Do Humility, Wisdom and Compassion have in Medicine?
Dr. Wes Ely (United States)
Experiences of Post ICU Clinic in Singapore
Ms. Lim Xin Ling and Dr. Monika Gulati (Singapore)
Dr. Faheem Ahmed Khan (Singapore) Coming from the Other Side – A PICU Patient and Parent Perspective
1230 – 1315 Satelite Symposium – Pfizer @ 405B APAC Leaders Presentations
1315 – 1330 Exhibition / Poster Viewing
1330 – 1500 Session: Cardiac Arrest / TTM Session: Mechanical Ventilation Session: ICU Best Practices Session: Paediatric Critical Care in Resource Limited Settings
High Quality Post-Cardiac Arrest Care and Targeted Temperature Management
Prof. Chien-Hua Huang (Taiwan)
Non-Traditional Risk Factors for Failed Extubation
Prof. Hayley Gershengorn (United States)
Multi-Modal Vasopressor Strategy for Septic Shock and Angiotensin II
Dr. Ashish Khanna (United States)
Cardiac Missions in LMIC – Are They Still Relevant?
Dr. Intikhab Zafurallah (United Kingdom)
O2 Targets After Cardiac Arrest
Prof. Stephen Bernard (Australia)
Mech Ventilation after Brain Injury
Dr. Jeff Singh (Canada)
Early Moblity in the ICU – Where do We Go from Here?
Prof. Carol Hodgson (Australia)
Delivering PICU Education Beyond Borders
Dr. Traci Ann Wolbrink (United States)
TTM Updates
Adj A/Prof. Chia Yew Woon (Singapore)
PEEP Titration, Recruitment / Inflation Ratio
Prof. Pan Chun (China)
Management of ALF and ACLF in the ICU
Dr. Rahul Kumar (Singapore)
Sustainable Help for LMICs
Dr. Mohammod Jobayer Chisti (Bangladesh)
1500 – 1530 Tea Break / Exhibition / Poster Viewing
Esplanade Hall – 406CX
1530 – 1600 Plenary 4: Building Inclusive Teams in Critical Care
Prof. Walter Eppich (Ireland)
1600 – 1630 Plenary 5: The Year’s Most Impactful Critical Care Literature in 30 Minutes
Dr. Jason Phua (Singapore)
1630 – 1700 Closing Address and Abstract Prize Presentation

Programme is updated as of 12 May 2023.
This program structure serves as a general guide.  The exact sequence and timings will change depending on our speakers availabilities.