Time Topic Speaker(s)
9.00 am – 9.10 am Reasons for Tracheostomy, Tracheostomy Ventilation and Attempted Weaning in Acute ICU Cases
‐ Highlight patients who may be suitable for early consideration for chronic ventilation
Dr Louis Ng
9.10 am – 9.20 am Differences between Acute and Chronic Ventilatory Care Coordination of Roles in Chronic Ventilation
‐ Highlight different mental models between ICU ventilation and Chronic ventilation
‐ Role of TTSH HVRSS
Dr Chan Yeow
9.20 am – 9.30 am Assessing Suitability for TTSH Ventilator Rehab Unit (VRU), Preparing the Patient on Chronic Ventilation for Discharge Home
‐ Highlight criteria to assess suitability of patient for VRU vs home
‐ Overview of discharge planning
Dr Valerie Ng
Session 1 (Practical Stations)
Time Station Faculty
9:30 am – 10.15 am (15 mins per session) 1 (Paediatric and Adult Tracheostomy Anatomy and Types of Tracheostomy Tubes) Dr Louis Ng
Sr Maryani (KKH Paeds NC)
Sr Elaine Hor (NUHS Paeds APN)
2 (Early Tracheostomy Care, Including Nursing Management, and Tracheostomy Emergencies Prevention and Management) Dr Sandra Hui
Sr Sun Tao
Dr Valerie Ng
Sr Luo Wei
3 (Oxygenation and Humidification in Tracheostomy and Tracheostomy Ventilation) Dr Lim Jiayan
Sr Lydia Soon
Dr Wee Jiayan
Sr Zhao Liping
10:15 am – 10:30 am REFRESHMENTS
Time Topic Speaker(s)
10.30 am – 10.45 am Overview of Ventilation
‐ Controlled vs Assisted Ventilation
‐ Closed circuit vs open circuit
‐ Non – invasive vs invasive ventilation
‐ Nuances of chronic NIV: intentional leak vs unintentional leak
‐ Alarms and monitoring
Dr. Ivan Gerald Lee
Session 2 (Practical Stations)
Time Station Faculty
10.45 am – 12:15 pm
(30 mins stations)
4 (Leak Speech, Speaking Valves, Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) – Hi‐Tech and Low‐Tech)
‐ Leak speech will be demonstrated with posters and videos.
‐ Participants will be allowed to trial calibration and use of Tobii devices, as well as use of gyroscopic mouse.
Principal ST Ms Melinda Lim
Principal ST Ms Tan
Xuet Ying
5 (Cough Assist Therapy in the ICU and Home and Breathstacking)
‐ Physical demonstration of cough assist with test lungs
‐ Allow participants to trial using the cough assist device (check infection control practice)
Senior PT Ms Cheryl Tan
Principal PT Mr Balachandran
6 (Home Bilevel Devices and Home Mechanical Ventilators in Paediatric and Adult settings)
‐ Using specific case examples Adult: 1 lung parenchymal disease (COPD NIV), 1 OHS/Critical Illness Myopathy Trach Vent, 1 High Spinal Cord Injury Trach Vent Paediatric: 1 Chronic lung of prematurity
‐ To use case examples to illustrate considerations for extubation to NIV, vs tracheostomy ventilation
‐ GSTT algorithms modified for the local context
‐ Using Case example of OHS/Critical Illness Myopathy:   Tracheostomy downsizing and selection process (fen/non‐fen, cuffed/cuffless, Need for suction above cuff)
– How to decide whether a patient on tracheostomy ventilation can be decannulated to NIV (considerations)
– Method of decannulation to nocturnal NIV
Dr Thong Wen Yi
Dr Cristelle ChowAdult:
Principal RT Dr. Ivan
Gerald Lee
Dr Genevieve Tan
Dr Debra Seow
RT Ms Marife Rico Peralta
Time Topic Speaker(s)
12.15 pm – 12.30 pm Social and Financial Considerations in Chronic Ventilation (Adult and Paediatric) Ms Leong Jingwen
Dr Cristelle Chow
12.30 pm – 12.45 pm
12.45 pm – 1 pm
Interactive Zoom Session with Patient/Caregiver on Tracheostomy Ventilation in the Home setting (Basic setup of Equipment at Home and Leak Speech in Adults)
HVRSS Patient and Caregiver
KKH Patient and Caregiver
1 pm – 1.15 pm Through the Eyes of an ICU Survivor: Journey of Hope with Ventilator Rehabilitation Dr Chan Yeow