The COVID-19 pandemic has exerted a huge impact on our healthcare system and changed the way we cared for our patients. It demonstrated just how interconnected and interdependent we are, as a community, and as a world. It also reinforced that we, as frontline practitioners, need to continually adapt, innovate, and evolve, in order to futureproof ourselves and the system.

In 2021, we rebranded as the Asia Pacific Intensive Care Symposium (APICS) from SG ANZICS. In 2022, we relaunched APICS 2022 as a hybrid event and brought the Intensive Care community back to sunny Singapore, more than two years after the COVID-19 pandemic hit us. The response to APICS 2022 was heartening. We had 142 invited speakers, 675 delegates on site and 704 online attendees from 44 countries and regions. The teams from SICM and ANZICS are grateful for your unwavering support which has allowed SG ANZICS, and now APICS, to grow into the largest intensive care conference in the Asia Pacific region. And we want to remain so.

In 2023, we will revolutionize, both conference content, and the way ICU conferences are being run. With “Futureproofing Intensive Care Medicine” as a central theme, APICS 2023 will not be just another conference, but an immersive educational experience. Held over two and a half days, APICS 2023 will be filled with an array of activities to boast collaboration, inter-professionalism and enlightened education in partnership with our empowered industry partners. Because we believe, a world-class educational event cannot be all talk no action. For one, we will be inviting multidisciplinary ICU code teams worldwide to participate in our first ever APICS Simulation Challenge – think exhilarating, real life scenarios, simulated ICU on stage and full post scenario debriefing for an experiential learning experience. The bedrock of APICS has always been a robust scientific program and engaging pre-symposia workshops. APICS 2023 will be no different. It will feature a cadre of internationally and locally renowned faculty covering new content and highly acclaimed topics such as informatics and artificial intelligence, innovative education and research, resilience and wellbeing, global health and sustainability in the ICU. The only difference is, this time you may not be sitting down listening to a podium talk. Something is brewing.

Because the heat is building up, we are greening APICS. It means bring-your-own-tumbler days and no printed booklets, among other sustainability practices. Lastly, we are also committed towards building ICU communities and capabilities in surrounding resource limited countries. Do get in touch with us to find out how you can play a part.

APICS 2023 is waiting for you and we are extremely excited. Come join us for a truly unique conference experience.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Lie Sui An
Organizing Chair, APICS 2023