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Dr Jensen Ng

Symposium Title

Treating Critically-ill patients in an era of increased Gram-negative bacterial resistance – challenging the standard approach


  • Address the issue of multi-drug resistance in Gram negative bacteria, with a focus on resistance mechanisms of increasing concern
  • Discuss the importance of early adequate therapy against the backdrop of high patient mortality and risk factors for infection
  • Explore the challenges faces by ICU specialists in identifying and treating critically-ill patients with infections due to MDR Gram-negative bacteria
  • Challenge the standard of care and discuss the rationale for the use of ceftazidime-avibactam in treating this patient group versus existing therapies
  • Share knowledge on the use of ceftazidime-avibactam in real-world clinical practice


1250 – 1255 Welcome & Introduction Dr Jensen Ng
1255 – 1310 Considerations for MDR Gram-negative infections in critically-ill patients in Asia Dr Asok Kurup
1310 – 1325 Optimizing Antibiotic Treatment in the ICU: A Beta-lactam/Beta-lactamase inhibitor to consider? Dr Kenneth Chan
1325 – 1330 Q&A All