Workshop Title The Intensive Critical Care Review Workshop
Introduction The Intensive Care Unit host a variety of critical illness. A clinician working in the ICU needs to be able to recognize, understand the principles, and manage the different presentations of critical illness. The complexities have exponentially increase together with new knowledge and literature data, making the ICU environment an even faster paced arena when compared to just a few years ago. Competencies will need to be honed together with clinical reasoning skills.
  • Able to discuss on ventilator management in patients with critical illness.
  • Able to discuss the monitoring and subsequent management of hemodynamic abnormalities in the Intensive Care Unit.
  • Able to manage patients with neurosurgical emergencies from the viewpoint of an intensivist.
  • Able to manage cardiac emergencies from the viewpoint of an intensivist.
  • Able to discuss the management of toxidromes presenting to the Intensive Care Unit.
Target Participants Intensivists, clinician nurses, advanced practice nurses and medical doctors working in the ICU
Participants Number 30
Lead Faculty (Local) Dr Puah Ser Hon