Plenary Session 11: Functional outcomes among ARDS patients and the implication on the COVID-19 patients by Prof Margaret Herridge, Canada
Session Chair: Dr Alvin Ng, Singapore

(10min Q&A)
Symposium 19: ICU Survivorship
Session Chair: Dr Lee Ruimin, Singapore
Symposium 20: Immunocompromised in the ICU
Session Chair: Dr Andrew Li, Singapore
Symposium 21: PAEDS – Lung
Session Chair: A/Prof Lee Jan Hau, Singapore
ARDS survivors, implications on COVID-19 patients
Prof Margaret Herridge, Canada
Topic title coming soon!
Dr Charles Douglas, Australia
Updates on Paediatric High Flow Nasal Cannulae
Dr Jacqueline Ong, Singapore
Post-Intensive Care Syndrome (PICS)
Prof Dale Needham, United States
Toxicities Associated with Targeted Agents and Immunotherapies for Cancer
Prof Stephen Pastores, United States
PICU patients on long term home ventilation
Ms Herng Lee Tan, Singapore
Muscle and function post-ICU
Dr Zudin Puthucheary, United Kingdom
ICU Management of the Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Patient
Prof R. Scott Stephens, United States
Lung Ultrasound
Dr Chor Yek Kee, Malaysia
Psychological outcomes of ICU survivors
Dr Sumeet Rai, Australia
Infections in Haematopoietic Stem cell transplant recipients
Dr Lionel Lum, Singapore
Mechanical Power – the Final Arbiter of Lung Injury during Ventilation
Prof Ira Cheifetz, United States
Satellite Symposiums

(10min Q&A)
Symposium 22: Organ Interaction
Session Chair: Dr See Kay Choong, Singapore
Symposium 23: PAEDS – Miscellaneous
Session Chair: Dr Jacqueline Ong Singapore
Symposium 24: Airway management in the ICU
Session Chair: Dr Lie Sui An, Singapore
Hepato-renal interactions
Prof Julia Wendon, United Kingdom
Managing congenital heart disease in low resource settings*
Dr Parvathi Iyer, India
Intubation practices and Adverse peri-intubation adverse events in the Critically Ill
Prof John G. Laffey, Ireland
Heart-lung interaction
Prof Xavier Monnet, France
Haematology in the ICU*
Dr Koh Pei Lin, Singapore
How to optimize tracheal intubation in ICU
Prof Sheila Myatra, India
Brain-heart interaction: a complicated matter
Prof Andrew Udy, Australia
Palliative Care in the Paediatric ICU
Dr Teresa Tan, Singapore
Securing the physiologically difficult airway: winning the race between haemoglobin desaturation and tracheal intubation
Dr Zhang Jin Bin, Singapore
Lung-kidney interactions
Dr Faeq Husain-Syed, Germany
Critical Care Transport*
Dr Andrew Donohue, Singapore
O2: what should we do?
Dr Paul Young, New Zealand

(10min Q&A)
Symposium 25: Trauma
Session Chair: Dr Angelly Martinez, Australia
Symposium 26: Hemodynamics
Session Chair: Dr Ruth Chen, Singapore
Symposium 27: Datathon
Critical overview of trauma ICU support – what intensivists should know
Dr Kathryn E Twomey, United States
Prof Jean-Louis Teboul, France
Prof Xavier Monnet, France
Dr Julian Kenrick Loh Xingyuan, Singapore
1. Background of the Datathon by Dr David Pilcher, Australia
2. 10 best project videos (5 min videos)
3. Q&A
The ITACTIC Trial and the future of Coagulation Therapy in Trauma
Prof Karim Brohi, United Kingdom
ROTEM and coagulopathy
Dr James Winearls, Australia
Burns resuscitation. Do we know what we are doing?
A/Prof Anthony Holley, Australia
Plenary Session 12: Assessment of fluid responsiveness by Prof Jean-Louis Teboul, France
Session Chair: Dr Jensen Ng, Singapore
Plenary Session 13: Winners and Losers of 2020 by Prof Yahya Shehabi, Australia
Session Chair: Dr Angelly Martinez, Australia