Plenary Session 6: Sepsis treatment over 30 years: progress or plateau? by Prof Christopher Seymour, United States
Session Chair: Dr David Ku, Australia
Plenary Session 7: Women in critical care by Prof Sangeeta Mehta, Canada
Session Chair: Dr Jensen Ng, Singapore

(10min Q&A)
Symposium 10: RRS
Session Chair: A/Prof Augustine Tee, Singapore
Symposium 11: ABCDEF/Sedation
Session Chair: Dr Sean Loh, Singapore
Symposium 12: COVID-19 and ICU
Session Chair: A/Prof Jason Phua, Singapore
Prof Alison Fox-Robichaud, Canada
Prof Daryl Jones, Australia
Dr Alex Psirides, New Zealand
Sedation of Ventilated Critically Ill Patients in 2021
Prof Yahya Shehabi, Australia
COVID-19: up-to-the-minute update on medical treatments
Prof Robert Fowler, Canada
Optimizing ABCDEF Bundle Use to Reduce Delirium
Prof John W Devlin, United States
SCC Guidelines (Update): Management of Adults with COVID-19 in the ICU
Prof Waleed Alhazzani, Canada
Improving sleep to improve ICU outcomes
Prof Gerald L Weinhouse, United States
REMAP-CAP: identifying treatments for COVID in real-time
Prof Steve Webb, Australia
ABCDEF bundle- pharmacist perspective- newer agent associated with neuropathy lead to failed extubation
Dr Yeoh Siang Fei, Singapore
HCW and COVID-19
Prof Sangeeta Mehta, Canada
Plenary Session 8: Therapeutic Drug Monitoring on Antimicrobials by Prof Andrea Kwa, Singapore
Session Chair: Dr Jensen Ng, Singapore
Suspecting, diagnosing and treating invasive mould infections in the ICU
Prof Malgorzata Mikulska, Italy
Satellite Symposium by

(10min Q&A)
Symposium 13: PAEDS – Sedation/PICS
Session Chair: Dr Beatrice Ng, Singapore
Symposium 14: Sepsis
Session Chair: Dr Andrew Li, Singapore
Symposium 15: ICU Education
Session Chair: Dr Christian Karcher, Australia
Delirium in PICU
Dr Melanie Jansen, Australia
Phenotype anarchy in sepsis: implications for treatment
Prof Christopher Seymour, United States
Prof Charles Gomersall, Hong Kong SAR
Dr Claire Seiffert, Australia
Dr Marcus Rall, Germany
Dr Tan Yi Hern, Singapore
PICU Liberation and PICS-p: Lessons from Neuroscience and Trauma-Informed Care
Prof Debbie Long, Australia
Vitamin C for sepsis – randomised clinical trials in 2020
Dr Tomoko Fujii, Japan
The impact of family-centred care in the PICU on long-term outcomes of parents
Ms Poh Pei-Fen, Singapore
Sepsis bundles
Prof Mervyn Singer, United Kingdom
Early mobilisation in ICU – NUH Perspective
Ms Brenda Tee, Singapore
Sepsis Epidemiology: Trends and Updates
Dr Kristina Rudd, United States

(10min Q&A)
Symposium 16: Critical Care Gastroenterology
Session Chair: Dr Fong Wee Kim, Singapore
Symposium 17: ICU Nutrition
Session Chair: Dr Jonathan Tan, Singapore
Symposium 18: Critical Care Nephrology
Session Chair: Dr Chew Mei Fang, Singapore
ICU Management of liver transplant patients
Prof Ram Mohan Subramaniam, United States
Prof Marianne Chapman, Australia
Prof Pierre Singer, Israel
Dr Charles Lew, Singapore
Prof Andrea Marshall, Australia
Flattening the Curve of AKI
Prof Yahya Shehabi, Australia
Acute liver failure and acute-on-chronic liver failure, how do they differ and the
implications for the intensivists
Prof Julia Wendon, United Kingdom
AKI in Southeast Asia
Dr Nattachai Srisawat, Thailand
Extracorporeal Liver Support
Prof Ram Mohan Subramaniam, United States
Fluid management in the ICU
Prof Paul Marik, United States
Updates in gastrointestinal bleeding
Dr Calvin Koh, Singapore
The latest updates in the prescription of CRRT
Dr Emily See, Australia
Plenary Session 9: Liver ITU: what has changed and future management by Prof Julia Wendon, United Kingdom
Session Chair: Dr Adrian Kee, Singapore

(10min Q&A)
Extracorporeal Carbon Dioxide Removal Techniques and Technology
Prof Alain Combes, France
Session Chair: Dr Matthew Cove, Singapore
Dinner Symposium by