Opening Address by Dr Tan Hon Liang, Singapore and A/Prof Anthony Holley, Australia
Plenary Session 1: COVID 19-ARDS: is there a difference? by Prof Laurent J. Brochard, Canada
Session Chair: Dr Lie Sui An, Singapore
Plenary Session 2: The future of patient monitoring by Dr Mjaye Mazwi, Canada
Session Chair: Dr Melanie Jansen, Australia
Symp 1 & 2:
Symp 3:
(10min Q&A)
Symposium 1: ARDS
Session Chair: Dr Clare Fong, Singapore
Symposium 2: ECMO
Session Chair: Prof John Fraser, Australia
Symposium 3: Neurology I
Session Chair: Dr Lee Yi Lin, Singapore
Session begins 0940 hr
Symp 1:
Symp 3:
Physiology-based ARDS settings: is it feasible?
Prof Laurent J. Brochard, Canada
Prof Daniel Brodie, United States
Prof Giles Peek, United States
A/Prof Graeme MacLaren, Singapore
A/Prof Simon Sin Wai Ching, Hong Kong SAR
Neurocritical Care in Lower-Middle Income Countries
Dr Jo Ann R. Soliven, Philippines
Should we modify traditional ventilatory strategies for COVID ARDS [CARDS]?
Prof John Marini, United States
Neurological Complications of COVID-19
Prof Jose Ignacio Suarez, United States
ARDS subphenotyping
Prof Carolyn Calfee, United States
The latest neurocritical care research
Dr Celia Bradford, Australia
Dr Matthew Cove, Singapore
TTM in TBI – latest advances
Dr Yasuhiro Kuroda, Japan
Plenary Session 3: Christchurch shooting and trauma by Dr James McKay, New Zealand
Session Chair: Dr Tan Hon Liang, Singapore

(15min Q&A)
Management of infections in the ICU and the role of novel antibiotics
Prof Andrew Shorr, United States
Satellite Symposium by
The ICU of the Future project – redesigning the ICU environment to optimise patient short-and long-term outcomes
Prof John Fraser and Mr Oystein Tronstad, Australia
Session Chair: Dr Lie Sui An, Singapore
Satellite Symposium by

(10min Q&A)
Symposium 4: Mechanical Ventilation
Session Chair: Dr Pipetius Quah, Singapore
Symposium 5: Geriatrics in ICU
Session Chair: Dr Chew Mei Fang, Singapore
Symposium 6: PAEDS – Neuro
Session Chair: Dr Melanie Jansen, Australia
Lung- and diaphragm- protective strategies in respiratory failure
Dr Ewan Goligher, Canada
The 3 Wishes Project
Prof Deborah Cook, Canada
Paediatric Stroke – What really matters to the intensivist
Dr Michaela Waak, Australia
The importance of Synchrony
Dr Jane Lewis, Australia
Role of Palliative Care in Geriatrics ICU Patients
Dr Neo Han Yee, Singapore
Reducing uncertainty in paediatric neuro critical care: cardiac arrest and prognostic models
Dr Barnaby Scholefield, United Kingdom
Driving Pressure and Lung Recruitment: Where are we exactly?
Prof Marcelo Britto Passos Amato, Brazil
Frailty and the risk of adverse outcomes after ICU admission: what can COVID-19 teach us?
Prof Kenneth Rockwood, Canada
Acute Inflammatory CNS conditions in the Paediatric ICU
Dr Terrence Thomas, Singapore
Understanding respiratory mechanics to prevent ventilator-induced lung injury
Dr Irene Telias, Canada
Understanding and improving post-ICU functional outcomes for older adults
Dr Lauren Ferrante, United States
Refractory status epilepticus
Dr Stephen Malone, Australia
Symp 7 & 9:
Symp 8:
(10min Q&A)
Symposium 7: Critical Care Cardiology
Session Chair: Dr Ruth Chen, Singapore
Symposium 8: PAEDS – Sepsis
Session Chair: Dr Mervin Loi, Singapore
Session begins 1440 hr
Symposium 9: Neurology II
Session Chair: Dr Tan Hon Liang, Singapore
Symp 7 & 9:
Symp 8:
Cardiothoracic Advanced Life Support – from Chaos to Concept
Dr Christian Karcher, Australia
Sepsis protocols
A/Prof Luregn Schlapbach, Switzerland
Ischemic Stroke Updates for the Intensivist in 2021
Dr Tu Tian Ming, Singapore
Symp 7 & 9:
Symp 8:
Cardiogenic Shock in the ICU
Dr Shir Lynn Lim, Singapore
Pediatric sepsis: Going beyond the guideline
Dr Rujipat Samransamruajkit, Thailand
Endovascular Clot Retrieval in 2021
Dr Alice Ma, Australia
The Right Ventricle Cardiologists vs Critical Care Physicians
A/Prof Simon Sin Wai Ching, Hong Kong SAR
Paediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome (PIMS-TS)
Dr Mae Johnson, United Kingdom and Dr Pascale du Pré, United Kingdom
Robotic neuroendovascular intervention
Dr Hal Rice, Australia
Echo in the ICU
Prof Susanna Price, United Kingdom
Sepsis now and into the future
A/Prof Luregn Schlapbach, Switzerland
World Brain Death Project
Dr Gene Yong Sung, United States
Plenary Session 4: Evolution of technology for AKI management by Prof Claudio Ronco, Italy
Session Chair: Dr Sean Loh, Singapore
Plenary Session 5: Critical Care Cardiology by Prof Susanna Price, United Kingdom
Session Chair: Dr Lee Yi Lin, Singapore