Title Holomedicine and the Future of Medical Care – the NUHS journey
Details Date: 19th August 2023, Saturday / 20th August 2023, Sunday
Time: 1230- 1315hr
Suntec Convention Centre, Hall 404 – Meeting Room 1
Synopsis Mixed Reality (MR) technology has been on the rise over the past few years, with increasing adoption across and acceptance by industry. The potential for MR applications in healthcare is vast, from training and education, to patient-fronting use cases such as image reference in the operating theatres and point-of-care solutions
  1. Introduce the concept of MR to conference participants
  2. Stimulate thoughts and ideas on the application of MR in healthcare
  3. Promote collaboration between healthcare and industry
Faculty Dr Zachery Yeo, Singapore

Dr Zachery Yeo is the Assistant Project Manager of the NUHS Holomedicine Program. Dr Yeo is a highly motivated and accomplished clinician, medical innovator, and entrepreneur with a strong passion for MedTech and education. Recognized for his ability to adapt and apply knowledge in problem-solving, he has excelled in various roles from a medical student to a junior doctor, earning multiple awards for his exceptional dedication to patient care and teaching. As a forward-thinking medical professional, Zachery is currently pursuing a Masters in Computer Science and serves as an Assistant Project Manager for the National University Health System’s Holomedicine Program. His unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of medical innovation and his relentless pursuit of excellence make him a remarkable leader in his field.

Mr Ng Kian Wei, Singapore

Kian Wei is the Lead Data Scientist of the NUHS Holomedicine Program. He is highly motivated in translational research and development in medical technology, and bridge the gap between science and application. Mr Ng has been with the NUHS Holomedicine Program since the very beginning, and has spearheaded the computer science and engineering aspect of the program over the last 3 years. He is currently pursuing his PhD in MR – based real-time ultrasound imaging.